I looked for you in the meadows, The meadows that didn’t exist, The horizon dimly lit, I sat waiting for reality to hit, Was it not just yesterday, That you had been found, But now you’ve eluded, Yet become ubiquitous, And I worship your memories, Like a devout on his knees, I look up to […]

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Instantaneous, No, not really, More gradual, And filled with maybe’s, Long ticks and tocks, Time getting lazy, Having given enough, “Should I leave”, Said Time, As the two acted crazy, Drifting in and out of  intimacy, Fate pleaded, “Time, I pray thee,” “Don’t hasten what will be,” So Time waited, And when Time started to […]

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Hello internet, Damn it has been way too long since I last ranted here on this blog. I guess for some time now flowery language and mixed up emotions have been a good way to express how I feel but today, well today I think I’m gonna have to be a little bit more direct. […]

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Walking home one winter evening, I let out a gasp of air and with it released the last bit of control you had on my heart.  I had watched you grow from afar, assured myself that I was over you.  You always did worry about this man who would be better than you and take […]

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She sat for endless hours, quietly, in a corner in her bedroom. Darkness enveloped her and the soft tune of sounds of silence began to play in the atmosphere. Only to be overlapped by the next tune to the next tune until it was just loud intense noises of depression. Screams of the Black Veil Brides, […]

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He was the horror movie you watched alone. One you couldn’t bring yourself to talk about initially and brought you great despair. Every night he would come back to haunt you, to tear through your skin and leave marks that would only heal with time. He would encapture your mind completely and your body would […]

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Letting it loose

Day NO. 7301, 20 years, Phone calls none, Do you even speak, Think, About me, Like I speak, Think, About you, Said it was gonna be forever, But now I can’t even remember, If your favorite color, Was red, green, or blue, I always knew, Somehow, Someday, You’d forget me too, Like the others, Who’d […]

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Star light, Star bright.

You took me stargazing, Said you wanted to show me light, Held me in your arms; tight, Pointed at the twinkling fireflies, Whispering soft lullabies, Rocking me to-and-fro, Asking me to go with the flow, An arm around my waist, The other in my hair, Dipping me to the ground, Bringing me back to your […]

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It had been far too long since I’d last seen her, I barely remember the little giggle that would escape from her mouth as I stared at her bleakly. Far too long since I’d hugged her and felt her tiny little arms grasp me like I was everything she had longed for. But here I […]

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He’s a good dream you’re awoken from. The feeling of him is an everlasting state of joy and relaxation but any definitive memory of him is hard to remember. And I knew the moment I first hugged him, that his presence in my life was undeniable and unmistakable. I craved him like a kid craved […]

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