\\ Caresses down my arm, Sliding to my waist, With a slight tug, I have no place to escape, Shuffling further back, So I’m encompassed completely, This warm fuzzy feeling, Has been showing itself weekly, Feelings of being at home, And in safety. // Advertisements

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\\ I painted on her, To make her feel safe, Soft strokes on her body, To help create, A new masterpiece, One that will hide your mistakes, She found in that paint, Love for herself once more, And he gave her strength, To explore, She let life revive into her soul, Up, up and up, […]

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\\ Leaving these waters, I emerge alone, Little drips dropping To the sand, Soft trickles, Run through my fingers, As I burn myself, Skin tearing, Almost like an eraser, That’s being run on paper, Clearing away mistakes, Allowing an old canvas, To be brand new. //

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\\ As an artist, You have done wrong, To a canvas, That to you, Didn’t belong, And as an artist Myself, I must undo, This wrong doing, Fill this canvas, With beauty, Things that remind her nothing, Of your “duty”. //

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\\ From La vie en rose, To Can’t help falling in love, We reached to Just the way you are, And now that I’m yours, I will always love you, And 500 miles, Will take the Daylight away, But I won’t give up, For like always, Here comes the sun, And then we’ ll be Chasing cars, […]

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They would pick me up in a swift motion and spin me around, letting all the worries in my world shake out of my body.  They would spook me while my back was turned and then wrap their arms around me to let me know it was just them. They would sit on the mattress […]

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Red to Blue

I was 10 when they first found me, Locked inside my own insecurities, It was bound to end badly. Threats and promises, Led an angered kid, To enter a world, That was far from the right fit. Blood, fists and gory, She wasn’t looking for glory, Anarchy, A way, To self-inflict, But elude the blame. […]

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I looked for you in the meadows, The meadows that didn’t exist, The horizon dimly lit, I sat waiting for reality to hit, Was it not just yesterday, That you had been found, But now you’ve eluded, Yet become ubiquitous, And I worship your memories, Like a devout on his knees, I look up to […]

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Instantaneous, No, not really, More gradual, And filled with maybe’s, Long ticks and tocks, Time getting lazy, Having given enough, “Should I leave”, Said Time, As the two acted crazy, Drifting in and out of  intimacy, Fate pleaded, “Time, I pray thee,” “Don’t hasten what will be,” So Time waited, And when Time started to […]

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Hello internet, Damn it has been way too long since I last ranted here on this blog. I guess for some time now flowery language and mixed up emotions have been a good way to express how I feel but today, well today I think I’m gonna have to be a little bit more direct. […]

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