Cryptic anecdote

This is a fictional story that I’m going to be updating on this page.

Disclaimer – This has nothing to do with real life events or occurrences , it is purely fiction. There are triggers so read at your own caution. Also the author does not believe any of the comments given in the story, I repeat it is pure fiction written for suspense and entertainment.

September 7th, 2014

Remember the date, its an important one.

Lights flickered in the street. Murmurs surrounded me. The lingering smell of his aftershave on my collars. Covered in sticky goo, I walked down the street. The taste of his goo roamed my mouth, as though trying to ensure he was everywhere on me and in me. I slowly swallowed only to feel the need to puke, the murmurs turned into gasps as out came blood. They saw and walked from afar not daring to come close to me, as though I was an untouchable in this morbid society. I’m the victim here do they not see it. Hmm, who am I kidding , why would they ever see it, in this society filled with their catcalling and not caring about anyone and only thinking of me as an object to be used. What has happened, must surprise them and tomorrow I will pay the dues of the crime of another man.


I stand in court, the judge asks me what I plead. Guilty , my lawyer screams. Guilty. I’m the victim yet it is I who is guilty. It is I who is alive and has to pay for the sins of this society. They have created themselves such an illusion , they can’t see anything beyond their delusions. I pity them I really do. Β It makes me so sad to see that these people don’t even know they are suffering , that they are participating in lies their government has told them time and again. I’m being dragged down a hallway ,presumably leading to my cell. Another woman lies in there, possibly for the same reason as me; Β letting ourselves be used by the people of this world. Then something snaps and the blame is all on me, on us. I guess that’s just part of the job of being women in this city.


“What’s you in for, beautiful?” the woman who sleeps in the bunk above me asks one day. It’s day 3 in this cell. I unhesitatingly reply “Murder”. I hear shuffling from the top as she moves in possible discomfort. Then with a loud thump she jumps of her bunk and within seconds, I’m picked up and my head is smashed into the wall. “Ouch” I mutter with no real emotion in my voice. She screams at me , making incomprehensible noises, probably trying to show her dominance in this cell. But I know she fears me. She fears the fact that I’m in here for murder, alas if only she knew that the murder was self-defense. My personal definition of self-defense at least. I am thrown back into my lower bunk as she climbs back up like a lion trying to climb a tree. With some effort she finally manages to lift her bulky body up there and manages to wobble the entire bed. I use my broken nail to make another line. September 3rd 2014.


I walk out of the room with padded walls, guards hoping the isolation will drive me insane. But can I tell you a secret my friend, I already am. After all the people in this skanky rotting hole seem so desperate for sex with me, they beg, they plead, they hump my leg like rabid dogs hoping for some release, yet they know I’m superior to them, so they never force themselves on me. I won’t go down to their level. I won’t be a women who has sex with such savages even if I am desperate for some entertainment. Even if I am throbbing with my own sexual needs. For the first time today maybe just maybe I regret killing him. Alas in such a man empowered world a few men need to die here and there to keep the balance. Yes? This world may cast me aside and consider me as one of these low life creatures but I am not. I need to escape and take my vengeance. For it is still yet to be complete. Inside I go into my old cell, making another line on the wall. September 4th 2013.


Let’s come back to the present shall we loves. Sorry I lost myself in the memories of a year back where I was adored and the dream of all women and men. But now I’m stuck in this prison yet again and this time with extra detention hours. Possibly because we wouldn’t want silly old me to escape again. I feel like these extra hours are really affecting my mental health who know’s I might just spit the truth out. Hehehehe. Oops, not that crazy yet.

Ah the man I killed this time. He was sweet. It’s a pity that all men just want us as their play things though, maybe if the world wasn’t this way and if it weren’t for my mission to eliminate these threats, I could have settled down with sweet handsome Phillip. Why is it men never learn? Uff. In a world like this they still have the hope and belief that some woman could fall in love with them, well then again it is our fault, we do fall in love with them. Those stupid weak women who don’t understand that men need to be killed just like they’ve been killing us for years now with their torture and continuous betrayal of our emotions. When will us women evolve. Dear lord.

I miss my lines. I really do. Maybe I can draw some new ones in this solitary cabin. Line one for our first day in this insanity hall.
September 5th 2014.



September 6th 2014

One day lovelies,you scared to see what happens tomorrow? I ain’t. I’m excited. My pules are beating hard and I want to get out so fast that I just want it to be tomorrow now.Oh lovelies, let me tell you something so true, I’m mental really for telling this to you cutie kids, who know nothing, But I think I’ve found the one for me. Can you imagine it?

I’ve found the love of my life. He kills people for a living, legally. Kills crooks and other maniacs like myself and tomorrow he’s going to help me get out of here. HEHEHEHE. I love this, I love him. He wears a dark hood you know lovelies, and he has the greatest posture, I’ve ever seen.

Oh dear. How they’ve cracked me. They’ve made me believe. Yesterday after I talked to you all they fired me with electric wires, it made me finally achieve the release I’ve been awaiting for , for so long. I just want to stay there and be shocked forever, oh it makes me feel so alive.

My hair is real frizzy though, makes me laugh cause one would describe it as your hair is so frizzy it looks like you were shocked, oh the irony. Anyways my cutie pies, my dark hood awaits me and he has told me to get enough sleep today for tomorrow is gonna be very very busy.