They would pick me up in a swift motion and spin me around, letting all the worries in my world shake out of my body.  They would spook me while my back was turned and then wrap their arms around me to let me know it was just them. They would sit on the mattress by my side, softly brushing my hair, until the tears would finally begin to escape and then they would sing. Sing to let me know that I was not alone, sing to let me know no matter what they were here. They would get mad at the foolish things I did and give me stern lectures like a father would, tell me about the rights and wrongs of the world, and then like a mother, hold me in a tight embrace and let me know just how much I had worried them. They would help me sneak out in the nights to enjoy life to its fullest and before I left gave me an entire list of things I should keep in mind. And if by any chance the night went wrong, they’d be there just a few meters away ready to save the day. While one would hardly ever tell me with his words how important I was to him, the other would never shut up and in doing so they taught me the importance of letting the people you love know how much you love them through both words and actions. For never, not once, did I feel a shortage of love from either of them. They were my brothers.

They were my family. 


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