Multiple splits

Is already one more than normal,
One extra you.

Baby, now you’re getting freaky,
Two people, who look just like you?
But they aren’t you.

Now you’re just playing,
You disease ain’t real,
Do you even know what you’re saying,
Wait, am I talking to you right now?

Wait, so you’re being serious,
Other people stay in your head,
And come outside and play,
Dude you psycho,
You need to be locked down and shit.

How come you not a serial killer tho?
Like aren’t most people with this shit serial killers,
You’re fascinated by your illness,
Girl, you not gonna grow up and kill us all, are you?
I love you, you know that right?
But this ain’t healthy, though.

5 of me
Can talk to just 1 of you,
And while you’d feel different,
You’d never really know.

There’s 5 of me,
So I guess I’m just a fifth,
I know I’m fucked up,
I don’t need your bullshit

Yes, I know it’s just one body,
Yes, I know it sounds insane,
No, It’s not impossible,
No, I don’t need to be chained

It’s not a magic trick,
I don’t shift at will,
It happens when it happens,
Please don’t ask me to chill,

Hello says Annie,
Hi says Adele,
Heya dick face is Sally,
And Leila just screams like a bell.

Me, well you know.
I’m hoping at least,
I say hey,
And I guess,
I talk normally?

I’m not sure what this is,
Or what I want it to be,
But hi,hello, and wheee,

There’s 5 of me in here,
And right now I’m the dominant,
It’s scary,
I know,
But I’m kinda used to it,
Not really,
I don’t think I ever will,
But I have to say it to you,
Don’t I,
Or I’ll scare you off as well,

Truth is,
I’m not always aware,
Of who came across to you,
And who stood and stared,
I’m getting better,
At staying,
And not falling into despair,
I’m getting better,
At handling things,
Without others being there,

There is 5 of me,
And there might always be,
But I’m trying real hard,
To make them go to sleep,
But none the less,
Each of their personalities,
Has become,
A part of me.


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12 thoughts on “Multiple splits

  1. Beauty beauty…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha oh my!!!! This was amusing….


    1. when u dont know if something was sarcasm or not and so ur just here like ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Because I could relate


          1. To what you wrote!!!! Come on!!!
            Having more voices in head than one!!!


            1. yea, ok. had me concerned there for a while but ok.


              1. Yea, that happens every now and then when you’re like 5 inside one

                Liked by 1 person

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