Something for Someone

Dear Person,

I will not name you for it is wrong to name someone, simply because you want to get a message across to them. But I hope that this message will get to you, and that hopefully you know that this I wrote for you and for no one else, but you.

Me and you.

Well, I don’t believe we will ever get along, but maybe it’s my foolishness or naivety that is causing me to write this down.But this is me, doing what I do best, understand.

I know you do not live the easiest life to live, though I may not know the details, I simply know. May it be because of your friends, or may it be because of how you write. Going through all that I know about you and all this stuff you’ve let me know by how you write, I feel pain.

I feel sorrow and the part of me that simply cannot refuse to empathize with a person’s flaws and misdoings, made me go through everything I knew about you and after all that I’ve gotten a vague understanding of your life and I’ll admit that I was wrong.

I was wrong to let you carry the blame for so long, for something that hurt me.

I was wrong to simply assume your life was easier than mine.

I was wrong to let your flaws be the definition of who you are and today, I admit that to both you and me.

I’m not sure why today? Or what struck this realization in my head?

But it did and I think this is more for me than it is for you.

I’m finally choosing to put myself first, I can no longer live with this anger and while I empathize with you and what your life seems to be like, I do not want us to be friends.

I do not want us to have some sort of consolation because this is enough for me.

I free the both of us from this burden I created for us in my head, by choosing my ego over empathy.

I apologize for not wanting to understand and not wanting to empathize with you, while I also admit that I have created you to be a bigger demon in my head than you actually are.

But that does not mean I forget what you are capable of, what monstrosities you can perform, what you might do to hurt people around you.

So while I’m forigiving you and will see you from this moment onwards, as the person you are now, the actions and words you use to express your self now, I will never truly forget who you were.

And for that , I am not sorry.






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