A loss is only felt when you lose something, you knew, was of great importance to you, to your life.

But if we were aware that this thing, this person held such importance, such gravity in our lives, how could we be so careless, so reckless as to let it go, and then cry about loss.



12 thoughts on “Loss

  1. This is so painful. Are you doing alright bub?

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    1. Yes bub , this was something I’d written a while back.


  2. Exactly the question one should ask themselves.

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    1. Awe thanks, lol i was just reading stuff on your blog. Damn, you are talented.

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      1. That made my day even better! Thank you, kind sire ^-^

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        1. haha, talent must always be appreciate, am i not right , sire? either way , welcome sire.


          1. I’m so flattered, haha. Thanks a lot, truly. :)✌


  3. Hey pseudonym! I nominated you for the mystery blogger award today, so do check that out! I gotta catch up on your posts! Especially the story!! Been gone for a month almost. Much love,

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  4. Hey, what happened? everything alright?


    1. awe bub, chill.nothing happened, i just stole something from a pre teen pseudonym.

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