The other one

I’ve been on one path,
Longer than I remember,
One filled with lies and deceit,
Both from me,
And others,

Troubled souls,
We both,
We couldn’t leave each other,
Neither knew how,

But we weren’t good,
Not good for one another,

Time created a little distance,
And things began to crumble,
Other paths began to emerge,
But from this path,
I never stumbled,

Until one fateful day,
Cracks broke the foundation,
Cracks broke the next steps I took,
Cracks broke my decisions,

I continued,
Unable to walk away,
Chose to stick to one path,
Chose not to sway,

Until one road merged,
With the cracks of the old,
Made me stop and wonder,
If I was just doing what I was told,

I looked,
I could never stop looking,
The other path,
Oh, it was so tempting,

But this path had done me good,
Had made me who I am,
How could I abandon it,
How could I run from my past,

Promises and vows,
Made to stay here,
Yet forget not,
I could,
That other path for years,

Trials and tests,
I passed them all,
Yet forget not,
I could,
The other path’s call,

Decades from now,
Look back when I will,
Will I cry for the other road,
Or will I love the road I’m on still.


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2 thoughts on “The other one

  1. Brought a tear to my eye, its so good.

    Liked by 1 person

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