Guest blog: Missing by The Differentiated Eccentric

Hello, internet. Today the talented Tathagata, from the blog  The Differentiated Eccentric. He writes really amazing short poems and you should definitely go check em out. The link is up there where his blog name is.


As I walk down the street,

under the cherry blossoms.

Brings a tear to my eyes.

As the cigarette smoke meanders through the air,

more I remember you.

I miss how the light scattered over your statuesque face.

The touch of your lips, made me remember my sins.

I will never forget you, my love,

Even the heavens aren’t enough for you.

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7 thoughts on “Guest blog: Missing by The Differentiated Eccentric

  1. Wow!!! Gosh! I love this poem already. It’s marvellous and beautifully written

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    1. Yea, u should definitely check out his blog as well. He’s a marvellously talented writer

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  2. You guys are both so talented writers! I came to you from your post over on The Differentiated Eccentric, and I loved your piece. Very excited to read more 🙂

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  3. OH MY GOD thank you so much, hopefully we will do many more guest posts in the future too haha

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