Change of heart

Part 20- Dan

I stood there, shocked. Wondering what to do next.

I could hear loud noises being made from the inside, shuffling, cooing, screaming, and I think Ana was talking to herself when finally the door opened again.

And there she was, in her shorts and an oversized tee, hair slightly more done up than before.

“I tried, I’m sorry I know I look like trash,” She said but honestly I was just wondering how she managed to look so beautiful both in a blankie and now.

I began to chuckle out loud.

She looked at me confused.

“I think you look beautiful and did so before the removal of the blankie,”

“Oh.” She sighed and then looked to the ground, waddling her feet and twiddling her thumbs.

“I came here cause I needed to tell you something, Ana.”

She looked up at me and it was almost as though her eyes were entering mine, simply to find the information she wanted and then before I could utter my next few words she said-

“I love you.”

Now I know in reality it must have been nothing short of a few moments, maybe a few minutes at most but in my head time had stopped turning.

I stood there, stuck in the moment.

I was looking at her face, almost as though trying to decipher how she meant to say the I love you.

I could see her lips moving but none of the words seemed to make it out of her mouth or I simply ceased to hear them.

Suddenly to my right a manly voice spoke out, “I love you”

I turned to see and there was Rick, standing in front of Calum, as he repeated himself again.

“I love you, Calum.”

Calum punched him on the shoulder, before giving him a half smirk and replying.

“Fuck off.” and then embraced Rick.

Then to my left, I heard the voice of a woman.

I looked to see Roseanne standing with little Roy by her side, standing in front of Ten saying –

“I love you, Ten.”

To which Ten gave her a smile and pecked her cheek before promptly standing in front of her again and replying,

“I know.”

Behind me, I heard something shuffle. I turned around to see JC on his knees, in front of the woman he loved, holding her hands in his.

As he looked into her eyes, Traci bent down to give JC a kiss before embracing him tightly.

And right next to them stood Walter and Zelina, who simply stood beside one another, his arm around her waist and hers around his. They both looked at each other before looking at me and Walter gave me a wink.

It was then that I finally heard Ana speak again, she was going on ranting about something and I tried to tune myself in.

“- Yea I know we haven’t talked in forever and how could I possibly be in love with you if the both of us haven’t been friends for a while now. But all I know is every time I’m with a guy all I feel like is I’m making a huge big mistake and that all I really need and want is the boy who’s been with me since I was a kid. But then you had already pushed me away by the time I realized that you were the boy I loved. You have always been the boy I loved. And I just, I’m sorry, it’s just you’re finally here and I-”

She looked at me as though she had finally noticed that I was just staring at her and she pushed a flick of her hair that was on her face behind her ear.

“So yea..” And then she was just staring at me waiting for some sort of response and I did the only thing I thought would fit.

I kissed her.

And that my lovelies, is the end of the story that was change of heart. Thank you
to everyone that read the entirety of this story that I felt compelled to write,
Also the first story I didn't call quits on. 
It's an open ended story, and so you guys can make of it what you will. 
Sorry if it's not what you expected. 
But it's my story so, mu ha, ha, ha, ha. 





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