Change of heart

Part 19- Dan

The car halted at her driveway, where JC pushed me out.

“See ya later kid. We have places to be.”

And with that Calum drove off with Ten and JC in their car, driving like a maniac, missing cars just barely.

I stood there for a few moments, wondering if I had the courage inside of me to actually make it to her door. This was it, I was gonna tell her how I felt, I was going to apologize for being an absolute dick. For having been such an arse that I made her leave me. I would finally accept my mistakes and stop blaming her.

Today, was the day I either got my best friend or maybe something more.

But I just knew I needed her in my life, in whatever way I could have it.

Doubts began rising in my head, what if she just missed me as her best friend, this guy she could use for a shoulder to cry on? The guy that was perpetually stuck in the friend zone?
What if she didn’t love me and never could love me the way I did for her?

But I decided against that, none of it mattered.

She missed me, I missed her.

Each step closer to her door made a loud thumping noise my head.

My heart was doing chimichanga and my stomach the macarena, but I kept walking towards her door.

When suddenly her door opened and out walked Walter.

He looked at me, both surprised and with a smile on his face. He came speed walking towards me and said,

“You’re here. You’re actually here.”

Feeling horribly awkward I think I let out a small sound that signaled my agreement.

“Dan, I’ve heard a lot about you. She never stops worrying or talking about you really, it’s quite funny.”

Ana talked about me? Worried about me? After everything?

” Oh my god, I’m so sorry, you were about to meet her, aren’t you. I’ll be on my way then, you go right up ahead and knock at her door”

With a smile on his face, he gave me a pat on my back and walked away.

I shook my head as if to get rid of my shock as to what was happening today, and climbed up the two steps that brought me right in front of her door.

Turning my fingers into a fist, raising them, I finally let my hand touch the wood of her door and began to knock hesitantly.

I hear someone shuffling inside and moving about and then there she was.

Wrapped in a blankie from head to toe, with a packet of chips in her hand.

Her hair was tied up into a bun, but it was escaping her hair tie everywhere and instead just slipping on her face.

She was staring at me, her mouth in a gasp when finally she just let her chips packet fall from her hand.

It slid down her blankie and landed onto the ground when she uttered something.

“Dan, you, umm.”

And with that, she slammed the door on my face.




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