Change of heart

Part 18-Dan

That brings us back to the beginning.

The next day.

Me standing in a tunnel, making my way to Ana.

Making my way to the girl I love.

I stood there, my body shivering in the tunnel.
Hoping a car didn’t run over the stick I am.

Trudging my way through the hail, I wondered to myself.

Why did I think I could walk all the way to her house?

Oh yea, I didn’t think.

That was stupid. I’m never gonna make it in this hail.

Well, what the fuck do I do now?

Get a cab maybe? Stupid.

Yea, that.  How am I gonna do that? I just ran out of my house with nothing.

And this is why you are stupid redefined.


I continued walking.

One step.

Two steps.

Three steps.

OMG, I’m so tired and unfit.

I sat on the pavement unable to walk any further, trying to grasp my breath.

A car zoomed by me, before halting unexpectedly, making a loud screeeeeeeeeeeech noise as it did.

I looked up as a shadow covered me.


“Danny boy, what are you doing here?”

“I should be asking that question.”

“Well, I and the other boys are here to get you to that girl of yours of course.”

“The other boys?”

“Yea, this guy named Ten and another named JC. Said they all met ya today, just like I did.”

“Wow. What?? How are you guys even here? You all come from different worlds?”

“Well kid, how did you show up in ours?”

“I don’t know. Magic?”

“Well Danny boy, I guess you could call destiny, magic. Now get in the car, you have a girl to meet.”

With that, he pulled me off the pavement and I stuffed myself into the back seat. JC sat there in his shorts and way to deep v neck tee.Ten was in his suit, sitting shotgun.

“Ayeeeee Dan, how you doing kid?” shouted JC.

“Oh for goodness sakes, could you lower your volume.” scolded Ten. “Daniel, old sport,  funny how we’re here to get you some clarity huh?”

“Yea, funny,” I said as my mind felt like it had been in tossed in a salad turner a couple of times.

“Well Danny boy, you better buckle up. Rick’s always told me I’m a bit of a reckless driver.” And as Calum dictated this, the car jolted back into movement and we were speeding through the roads of my little hometown.








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