Change of heart

Part 17- Dan 

Startled by this revelation, I awoke. In a pool. On a hot summer day.

I climbed my way out of the pool, head aching.

Was all that had happened to me today, a dream?

It couldn’t have been.

It all felt so real.

Someone tapped my shoulder and as I turned around, I saw my mum.

“Dan?” She said as she embraced me.

“It’s been hours, we’ve been looking for you.”


“Yes, I heard a loud thud from your room. I thought that maybe something happened to you and so I came rushing up but when I opened your door, you weren’t there.”

I had been missing for hours? Just hours?

And how had I landed in the pool?

My mum’s hands were now on my face, and she was staring at me waiting for me to say something.

“Oh mum, it must have been something else. I had gone out walking early, today.”

She looked at me with astonishment. Not her fault really, me and walking, for the sake of it. Yea, that just didn’t happen.

“Mum, I think I’m gonna go shower,” I said as I pointed down to the wet clothes.

“Yes, of course.” and with that, she ushered me into my room.

I changed my clothes and took a warm shower before laying back on my bed.

Everything had happened. I was back on this bed.

I’d met these amazing people.

People who had all shown me such different things.

Calum who took risks for love.

Ten who waited for love,

JC, who put aside his ego for love.

And Walter, who didn’t give up on love.

Then there was Ana, she misses me, and I’d be lying if  I said I didn’t miss her. It was all just too much for me to handle and I curled up into a ball, sobbing, wondering what to do with all this information I now knew.

There was one way I could sort out my confusion.

I had to meet Anastasia.


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