Change of heart

Part 16- Dan 

Walking on familiar streets, trying to make my way home.

I’m still pale, a ghost.

The street lamps on my way back flicker as I walk by them. The wind plays with my hair though I can’t comprehend how I feel it. I thought I was all alone when I see a girl walking on the other side of the highway.

She’s climbing over the fence, sitting on top of it, swinging her legs. I begin to walk towards her, but then she begins to stand up and spreads her arms wide. My feet begin to cover ground faster when another man comes and pulls her back to the other side.

“Ana, what do you think you were doing.” Says the man.

Then a voice that made my whole world spin, spoke 1 word that cracked my heart.


I had reached the other side to where the girl and man were standing and with the light of the street lamp, my deepest fear was confirmed. The girl who spoke was Anastasia.

Walter stood beside her, saying something to her, yet she seemed least interested.

I walked closer wondering if I was still visible.

I tried to reach out and touch my best friend,  my hand just passing through her shoulder.

Ana wanted to die?

Why? What had happened? She always looked so happy. So ready for life. How had I missed out that my best friend wanted to die?

A boy spoke in my head, “Because it was easier for you to hate her and believe she was the one who pushed you out if she seemed to have the perfect and happy life. It would make it easier for you to feel like the victim and not the one to blame if you leaving her only seemed to have done well for her.”

Anastasia suddenly spoke, “It’s not like I want to, I just have to. I seem to ruin everybody’s lives. All I am is a mess, clearly. That’s why everyone either leaves me or pushes me away.”

Walter reached out to he and hugged her, softly speaking, “Ana, it’s going to be ok. Zelina and I  are here for you, you can always talk to us. You mean something to us, if no one else. Killing yourself isn’t a solution.”

“Walter, I want him back.”

“I’m sure you do Ana, but he will come back in his own time.”

Who were they talking about? Was this some new guy in her life?

Her new boyfriend? A recent ex? How could someone ever leave her if they were blessed enough to get her?

But then again, she was my best friend and I left her didn’t I.

Random thoughts were still muttering to and for my mind when something Walter said brought my attention back.

“Ana, Dan cares. I’m sure he does. And he’ll realize soon enough that you miss and care for him too.”



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