Change of heart

Part 13- Walter

As I fell, the air seemed to push my skin back and I could feel the blood pumping through my entire body. The wave came closer and closer to both me and the hill until, splash, I was under the deep blue sea.

I closed my eyes and let memories of Anastasia run through my head, hoping somehow it would bring me back to her. The water ran its fingers through my hair, my waist, giving me sweet touches as it pulled me closer to it. It licked my lips like a lover, trying to pry open my mouth. And I gave into its touches, mouth opening wide and water ran into me.

Sinking to the depths of the ocean, slowly losing myself. I hit rock bottom when with a jerk I awoke in a bedroom, on a bed.

I could hear a voice, talking to someone else. I slowly arose from the bed, hoping to find this person. On one of the walls in this house was a picture of a family. A couple and their little baby.

It hit me then that I knew the man in the picture, it was Walter. Walter Brown. A boy from my own world. I had managed to come back to my world, yet why had it brought me here. A chill went up to my spine and I looked down to see a baby passing through me.

What the fuck? Was I dead?

I bent down and tried to carry the baby but my hands just kept passing through it. So, I was back in my world but not really. I was pale, and things could move through me. I was here as an outcast, a simple audience to the life of one Walter Brown.

At that very moment, the man himself walked in, scooped down to carry his crying child.  He carried himself with more confidence and had a loopy smile on his face as he looked at his child.

“Saphira, why is my little baby crying? Papa’s right here.”

He tickled the little girl and made silly faces until the baby began to laugh and with her in his arms, he walked away.

“Hun, where are you?” shouted a woman’s voice as a door shut behind her.

I walked into the room Walter had walked into, and I was greeted by the sight of a stunning woman. Not in the most obvious of senses, but she exuded such radiance and had the such a vibrant smile that a man was bound to take a double look.

I heard footsteps behind me and as I turned, Walter walked right past me to his wife.

“Zelina!”, he uttered before the two of then shared a small peck on the lips.

She pushed him off and giggled before asking, “Where is my adorable little baby?”

He walked behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist.

“How about I show you?” and with that he lifted her into his arms and took her into the living room.

She began to giggle even louder and tried to escape from his grasp and so he dropped her onto the sofa.

“Ow,, ” She said mockingly.

“Well, Saphira isn’t mummy just so funny.” He cooed to his baby.

“Ha-ha Walter, now hand over my child.” Said Zelina as she reached out for the baby.

“Oh but Saphira loves papa more, don’t you Saphira.”

I went back to the kitchen, heart beating fast. Rubbing my eyes, even though it was pointless, to wipe the tears I could scarcely feel.

Walter, Walter had the life I wanted.


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        1. OMG I’m so sorry. Holidays are coming soon, ill get back to u then? k?

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          1. Haha thats not an issue and anyways merry Christmas


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