Change of heart

Part 11- JC

“Hey man, I’m JC!” he said, raising his hand in a fist to give me a fist bump.


“Sweet. You gotta be careful in these areas, those waves come tumbling down. If I wouldn’t have been here, you’d be a goner.”

“Um thanks, dude”

“No problem dude, we got to climb up to the hill now or else we going to get hit by the next set of waves.”

With that, we both began to walk steadily up the hill.

As we reached the top of the hill, a woman stood, her arms wrapped around her body as though she felt old.

“Traci, baby!” JC called out to her.

She turned around and came sprinting towards us and then jumped into JC arms, embracing him tight enough to cut his breathing.

She soon let go and with a tearful voice she began to speak-

“I saw you jump into the wave, and I just, I thought I’d lost you J, I’ve been trying to see some figure moving in the water for hours JC. Where have you been?”

“Traci, calm down, I’m alive aren’t I.” He brushed his hand through her hair, still holding her close with the other.

He looked in my direction and stated, “Dan here, almost died in the wave. I needed to go save him, babe.”

“Why must you always be a hero J” she mock-scolded him.

“Ah but you love me for it.” He then began talking to me, “Come, Dan, we are going to our little hut over there, stay the night with us.”

The winds had begun to become colder and harsher and I was afraid I’d freeze if I stayed out any longer, so with a whispered thank you, I shivered across the cliff to their hut.


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