Change of heart

Part 10- JC

I was running around when the world in front of me became blank. I fell to the ground, my body moving uncontrollably. I could hear Roy crying for Roseanne, and then I felt the cosy warm carpets on my back as I continued to spaz. Roseanne was calling for Ten, but I, I was already shifting yet again.

This time I was aware as my body moved through one universe to another, as I felt a pull drag me. One that resembled the pull of gravity as you bungee-jumped, yet the cord that would have bounced me back up to Ten’s universe, snapped.

I stood on stand, in a sleeveless tee and khaki shorts. Blazing sun scorched my face, and tidal waves came rushing to greet my feet, tickling them, and then running far away. A surf board lay next to, and a distant voice began screaming at me-


I turned around to see the water body that had been washing my feet a little while ago, and what I saw shook me to my bones. A wave as tall as the twin towers came rushing towards me, I took the surf board in my hand and began running in the opposite direction, hoping with each step that I didn’t stumble.

Water was hitting my heels and I knew I wasn’t going to make it. I took a deep breath and was soon submerged in the huge tide, grasping my surfboard tightly all the while. I swirled within the water, like a torpedo launched from a submarine, the speed making me dizzy. My body demanded for air and so I was tempted to open my mouth and try to somehow intake the oxygen from the water molecules. Hands wrapped around my body and pulled me upwards to the surface.

I began to paddle my feet and hands in the same direction to reach faster as I began to feel more and more suffocated. When with a sudden urge of determination, I felt cold air, and opened my mouth to gasp for oxygen. Adrenaline rushing through my systems, the feeling of having nearly experienced death was one that I did not want to feel again. I felt like a child who’d been introduced to caffeinated drinks for the first time, as my body jittered even once we had made our way to land.

I turned around to thank the person that helped me, when I came face to face with a starfish. Startled, I fell backwards, when I noticed that two hands were trying to pry the starfish away from the body.

I rushed forward to try and help the man, when he threw the starfish off his face and it landed onto my tee. Mucus being released from its glands made it slowly slip off me, yet it took my tee along with it and there I stood in front of an unknown man, bare chested.


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