Change of heart

Part 8- Ten

I tried to find Ten, but my screams seemed to make no sounds. Unexpectedly, I began free falling into an abyss. Just as I was about to split my head open at the bottom of the floor, a lady’s voice boomed-

“Curl yourself into a ball and hope for the best.”

Trying to gain some control over my flailing body, I recreated the embryo position. Holding on to my legs, screaming for a higher power to save me. My body then hit a cushion like substance and soon I was tumbling down a slide.

“Kid, you made it. Was scared for a while that she would let you smash your head on the glass floor below.”

“Glass floor! Ten stop scaring the poor boy. I would never let that happen to him.”

I glanced at the women embodiment of the voice that had boomed out to me. Slick black hair, and beautifully symmetrical face. Her voice held a strong authority yet her body was soft and composed, I wish I could exude confidence as easily as she did.

“Roseanne, meet Daniel.”

“It’s Dan, not Daniel. ” I grumbled.

“Ha-ha, he’s such a cute little boy, Ten wherever did you find him?” She came towards me and ruffled my hair.

Ten seemed to stand taller and as he straightened his bow tie he answered, “Oh you know, in the medical ward. Was one of my patients. Seemed like a good kid, so I brought him here.”

“Oh.” She then looked towards me and bent down ever so slightly, her eyes widening and her mouth shifting to one of the brightest smiles. “I have a child of my own, he’s one. Would you like to meet him, Dan?”

She was entrancing, a maze that you wanted to solve. You could stare at her for hours and yet not find a flaw. Her hand waved in front of me, and I fell out of my trance. I let out a hurried “Yes” to avoid the embarrassment of being caught.

She walked us into a room where a little boy was playing with an elephant soft toy and as he heard footsteps, he ran towards us.

“Mummaaaaaa”, he cried as he hugged Roseanne’s legs.

“Hahaha, my baby” she cooed, lifting him off the ground and holding him in her arms. “Roy, meet Dan.”

As she handed Roy over to me, I saw Ten standing at the back. Looking at Roseanne with love, which was soon masked over with sadness. Roy’s antics soon distracted me as he asked to be spun around until we both felt dizzy.

But each time they were in my vision, I could see Ten and Roseanne standing close to one another talking. Exchanging secret glances at one another when they thought the other wasn’t looking. Ten still looked at her with sadness, as though he couldn’t have her. Something I found ridiculous, he probably had girls swooning over him. Yet that look of longing for something was one I understood far too well and Ten, unmistakeably, was longing for Roseanne.


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