Change of heart

Part 7-Ten

“Hmm, most peculiar. Your story makes no logical sense and therefore I must deduce it to be true. No one could create such nonsense. But before we do move on, look in this box.”

He reached his hands behind and pulled out a box, that let’s just say I had no idea how he fit a box back there and neither do I want to know. I looked into the box and like a kaleidoscope, a myriad of colours and shapes began to swirl around. Coming closer to me and then moving further away, my mind began to relax, eyes drooping. Then like whiplash, Ten pulled the box away from my eyes, and I stood dazed in confusion.

“That’s enough kid. You’re going to hurt yourself. I believe you, no liar would be able to relax in front of my swrinkledoo.”

“You’re what?!”

“My swrinkledoo, it figures out if someone is lying or not.”

“You mean a lie detector.”

“Well that’s more practical I suppose, now I suppose I owe you an explanation.”

“Yes, you do. Who are you? Where am I? Where are we going?”

“My name is Ten, as of now we are on the famous Bob space ship. We are going towards Planet Xenia. But right now, I’m taking you to the rebel base on this space ship. Now let’s go.”

And with that, he took my hand and we were running on walls again.

You know how cool it looks in movies, yeah, doesn’t feel that cool in real life. You are in this constant state of wanting to barf and stop breathing at the same time. Warm air is just cold air, and for the slightest of moments you think you are experiencing hypothermia, but then the next step has been taken and you feel warmth for just the briefest of milliseconds before it’s cold again. Your legs feel like wobbly jelly that is just wriggling its way in whatever direction it’s going in.

Ten finally stopped running when we reached a dark room, that made me lose my grip on the ceiling floor. I began floating mid-air, hands flopping about like a child thrown into a swimming pool. It felt surreal, if I wasn’t in this confined space I would never land again. A thought which made me smile, in a metaphorical way it would be freedom.


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