Change of heart

Part 6- Ten

“I am not a kid, I’m 19 years old.” I snarled at Ten.

“Gutsy eh? You still seem to be avoiding my question, one that I would very much like an answer too.”

“I don’t know how I got here, I was in a gym locker just a few minutes ago. I didn’t even come from there, I belong to some other world.”

“That’s a lie, you’ve been lying in this bed for more than an hour, and you just began seizing.”

“No, I wasn’t, I would know where my body was, I was in a gym locker room watching my two men hug and cry.”

“Eight, stop harassing the boy, leave the room this instance. Let me talk to him alone.”

“But Ten—”

“Silence! I will talk to this boy alone, he needs a senior doctor, and while you may be my friend Eight, I am the senior between the two of us. So, you will leave him in my hands, and not question my judgment or authority.”

“Yes, Ten.” With that Eight left the room. Ten then ushered me to come to the edge of my bed.

“I believe you kid, but if my seniors get to know about you, they are going to stick you in a lab and run experiments on you. Come with me and be quiet.”

I nodded, as Ten held my head he said, “Don’t let go, no matter what.” And before I could assure him I wouldn’t we were running down the hallways of this space ship. Sticking to the corners of the walls, he told me to watch my head. I ducked involuntarily, simply reacting to his instructions. With a sudden rush of blood to my head, I noticed that I was now running on the ceiling. The speed of our run starting to make my hands sweaty and I could feel my grip loosening. Ten must have noticed for he stopped running, and handed me a tissue.

“Here wipe that sweat off, we can’t afford to have you let go while we are running.”

I took the tissue and began dabbing it over my sweat-soaked hands.

“Ten, who are you? Where are we going?”

“Well boy, how about you tell me who you are first, and then we’ll talk about me. For all I know you could be a spy.”

“Me, a spy?” The idea seemed ludicrous. “I am most definitely not a spy, my name is Dan. I come from a small town on Earth in the Milky way.”

Ten scoffed at this, “They could have trained you better, Earth hasn’t existed for a millennium.”

“I am not lying, I come from Earth, it’s my home. I live in a small house in the city. I’ve lived there for all my life. I don’t know anything about where I am, or what I’m doing here. The last thing I remember from my world was hitting my head on my floor. Then I ended up in a gym locker room in some futuristic world that still resembled my own. Then my hand began to throb and I traveled to here. Where I am now stuck with you. I am not a spy!”


2 thoughts on “Change of heart

  1. Ah!! This is getting soo interesting! How long is the series gonna be?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. haha not sure, there’s quite alot of left.

      Liked by 1 person

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