Change of heart

Part 5- Ten

“Ten, we got a patient in here. He’s having a seizure; your assistance is required now. LIKE NOW!”

There’s a sentence you don’t want to hear as you slowly disappear from one world to another.

I rose from the bed I had been lying upon as a doctor rushed into my room. He started at me puzzled and then at the other doctor in the room.

“Is this some kind of joke Eight, you told me this man was having a seizure.” He glanced in my direction yet again, as if to reiterate that I was perfectly fine.

“Ten, I promise you he was on the verge of possible mental insanity a few moments ago. As much as we joke around Ten, when we are at work I do like to keep it professional.”

Ten then looked at me perplexed, came right up to the bed, and stared at my face. Within a few seconds, he grabbed my head in his two hands and started shaking it all about.

“Well from my conclusions, he isn’t space-time warped. His eyes are doing just the right amount of juggling.”

What nonsense was this man saying and what kind of doctor shook a patient’s head all about just after he may or may not have experienced a seizure. I opened my mouth to speak but all that came out was PUKE , PUKE, AND MORE PUKE.

“Ah, there’s what I’ve been looking for. Eight, the man may truly have had a seizure. I believe you, now.”

Eight handed me a bucket, but the smell of my puke just made me more and more nauseated until finally, I had vomited out every bite of food I’d had this morning. I then looked up, panting, my stomach coiling and cramping. Ten brought me a glass of water and patted my back.

“Now then, child, what’s your name and how’d you get onto a whirling space ship in its super duper space speed limits?”

A space ship. I was on a fucking spaceship. Traveling light years ahead to some dimension I didn’t know. I was just in a gym locker room and now I’m on a fucking spaceship.

I couldn’t understand anything that was happening to me. I remember, shutting my eyes, repeatedly,  and hoping when my eyes opened I’d be back in my room.

“Eight, what do you think the boy is doing?”

“Must be some sort of ritual thing, Ten. We probably ought to stop him.”

“Hey kid, stop that or I’ll have to tie your hands together with this elastic band, and believe me you do not want that.”

I halted in my actions and instead looked at the man in front of me. He wore a suit and boy did he pull it off.

Why was a doctor wearing a black tie event suit?

He stood straight, proud, and tall and I felt insecure. I could never pull off the perfect guy, here to steal your girl looks and this man entailed all those qualities.

I hated him.


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  1. Woah. Flattered hahah :))

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