Change of heart

Part 4- Calum

“Calum, I need to find a way out of here. I don’t belong here.”

“Ah yes, I suppose later is now. Rick, our friend here, says he needs to get out of here. And judging from his reaction earlier this evening to the nude men, I think we can deduce he ain’t a diagonal.”

“Calum, do you think he could be a binary like you?”

I stood there perplexed, if Calum was binary how was he in the school for diagonals. Hadn’t he told me they were divided; shouldn’t he then be in the school for binaries . How had he managed to come here?

“Rick! We hardly know this boy and now you’ve told him. Imagine if he reports me to the system, this will be over. We won’t get to be together anymore Rick.”

Rick then looked over to me and looked back at Calum.

“He wouldn’t. Look at the boy, he’s love struck himself.”

“Danny boy, you look confused. Probably wondering what a binary like me is doing in this high school for diagonals?”

Even now, I’m unsure of what my face expressed at that moment, for before I could say anything Calum began explaining himself.

“Look Danny boy, I lied to the authorities. I told them I was diagonal. I used to be in Macville’s High school for binaries. But my parents, they were diagonals. When I came back home for Spring break, I met Rick being dropped off in our community by his parents. We spent the entire holidays together and we fell in love. Soon the holidays were ending and I couldn’t-”

Calum broke down, tears washing down his face.

Rick held him into his arms and continued, “He couldn’t imagine us having to be apart from one another, we would have to live separate lives. We would be prohibited from being a couple, as you could only choose your partner and date within your community. And while Calum was binary and could like a diagonal like me, we couldn’t be together. Simply because of the divisions and rules the world has created for us.”

I felt a pang in my heart, here I was madly in love with Anastasia, I was in a world where I could be with her and yet I drove her away. While here in this world, society was prohibiting one of nature’s most innate emotions, love.  I stuttered, holding back my tears,

“And so, he lied, lied so he could be with you?”

They both nodded and soon I became non-existent to them, as Calum held Rick in a tight embrace and both finding comfort in one other’s presence. Before I knew it, I began to feel hazy and my eyes blinked repeatedly, a dull pain residing in my head.


5 thoughts on “Change of heart

  1. some how it brought a tear to my eye.

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    1. aweee. Omg im so sorry i havent replied. I shall be today, finally managed to get some free downtime. ❤

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      1. Haha its not an issue but this really brought a tear to my eye

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        1. aweee thanks boii 🙂 I just replied

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          1. Even i just replied to your email.


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