Change of heart

Part 2- Calum

I arose to the smell of wet sweaty socks on a hectic day in Gym class, blinking the haze off my eyes, I saw naked men.

Nudity everywhere I turned, I wanted to burn my eyes.
Naked men are not on the list of things I want to see in my life.

They all walked aimlessly, screaming random sports mutterings to one another. When suddenly a boy walked up to me, and bless the lords, he was wearing shorts.

“Never been in a gym locker, eh mate?”

His heavy Australian accent made most of what he said unintelligible to me, but I began to shake my head from left to right. I couldn’t trust my voice to say anything so I indicated with my hands to the nude men, asking what was happening.

“Boy, it’s a locker room.  Men change here before the game.’’

I looked around once again, scanning the room as briefly as possible. When my eyes returned to the Australian, he was having a make out session with another guy.

A buff boy, like himself, but this man was fully clothed. He held the Australian in a strong grasp around his waist, pulling him as close to him as possible. Nibbling on his lip and then licking it repeatedly until I regained my senses and slunk my head down and stared at my feet.

“Oh Calum, look you’ve scared my new friend” whispered the Australian.

“Let me take a look at him, hey kid, you a homophobe?”

I rose my head and stared at Calum, hesitating at first, my voice uttered, “No”.

“That’s a good chap”

And with that, I was being taken away my Calum out of the locker room. The entire time he told me about a new fitness routine he had started following. When we reached the stands of the ground, he pushed me towards the first bench, where several other hunks sat.

“Oye kids, look at this new boy I found, well Rick found really. Was sat in the locker room, probably scarred by all the dicks he saw hanging about.” shouted Calum to two other men.

“Not as many as you’ve seen though right Calum?” chuckled one.

“Oh shut it, if you must know the only dick I’ve been around is Rick’s. I have no pleasure in any others.”snapped Calum.

“That wasn’t what we heard from, oh Charlie, what was the name of that British Exchange Student?” joked the other.

“Peteeeeeeee” Chimed the first one.

“Okay boys, enough of this nonsense. Meet, oh boy, what’s your name?” said Calum as he pushed me down to sit on the seat.

“Dan.” I mumbled.

“Ah, boys meet Daniel.”

“Sup Danny boy” the other two shouted.

I hadn’t felt as awkward as I did now. Before I could answer they were all back to talking about some new political issue or was it some mathematical theorem. I was too lost in my own world to pay them any attention. How had I reached here? It made little to no sense. I was stuck in this world of thought when a loud alarm bell began to ring, screeching me back to reality.


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