Change of heart

A story written by yours truly, posted one page after the other. So if you like 
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Part 1 – Hail storms 

Hot summer day turned into a hail storm, story of my life much? I walked down the footpath trying to cover for safety. Heart; pounding in my mouth, lungs; unable to breathe, legs; learning how to walk, I made my way to her house. I had to meet her, now.

If you would have asked me yesterday if I would ever confess to her how I feel, I would have denied having any feelings for her, but that was yesterday. Today I’d heard enough, seen enough to want to believe that if I and her were destined to be, then I had to tell her, I had to show her the true me. I had to remove my alias, my masks. I would go unarmed, unguarded.

As the hail storm came down harder, I was stuck in a tunnel with blinking lights and zooming noises. Hoping that one wouldn’t crash into me as I tried to cross these miles that I had to, to meet her.

The girl I’d loved longer than one had loved anyone. Long locks of black curls cascading from her petite head. Brown eyes that took you prisoner in her gaze, making herself look captivated in every word you said. We’d met when we were kids, she was a ball of energy stored into a shy 5-year-old. While I, I was the unsociable brat. She was persistent and I persevered through each of her attacks at my exterior wall. Yet, she still knew me.

We came to an unspoken agreement of friendship, well that’s how it was until middle school. She’d gotten her first boyfriend, it hurt. I was hopelessly in love with her, while she moved on from one boy to the next. Perpetually stuck in the friend zone, I began to act out. I began to shout at her, never explaining why. She’d always cry and leave, while I was left to deal with the disgust I felt for myself.

Then one day, she just never came back.

I ignored it.

Ignored her existence.
Ignored my love for her.
Ignored her glances in my direction.
Ignored the pain.

I ignored it.

But I can’t anymore, I can’t ignore her. For she’s managed to strike me and crash into my mould. If only I’d learnt sooner, maybe this, this day could have been sooner.

Still stuck in the tunnel, hands trembling, from the cold and fear of rejection, I reminisce about the events that occurred today.

I’d been in my room, lounging as I scrolled through my Facebook news feed, when suddenly the phone screen went blank. Grumbling about my iPhone, I reached to my desk searching for its charger. Stretching my body to reach my desk, I fell to the ground, my head making a loud SMACK as it hit the floor.



2 thoughts on “Change of heart

  1. the variable 05/12/2016 — 2:54 am

    Smashing. Loved it.

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