Another one bites the dust,
I saw another one of you give up,
Where was that profound trust,
If you were just gonna head up,
You think it’s easy,
Try being without me,
I wanted you to live so bad,
But now I’m trying not to crack,
I want to live and not be sad,
But everything forces that,
I wanted to believe,
That I could be happy,
But another one bites the dust,
And suddenly I’m crumbling.

You told me you were doing fine,
That life was simple do or die,
What made you cross the line,
I can’t speak, I only cry,
You may just break me,
How many people can I see,
Break and fall again,
Just one more time,
Till I begin to lose my mind,
I just wanted to be fine,
But that is something I can’t find,
Why did you have to leave,
I’m starting to go on repeat,
I just want to be free,
Yet now I’m just empty.


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4 thoughts on “Cycles.

  1. That’s some strong stuff there… Liked it!

    Liked by 1 person

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