Equality lies not just with women

He was touched,
In ways he didn’t want to be,
He felt pleasure,
In things that shamed him,
He lost control,
In a situation that he had no control over in the first place,
He was taken,
He was used,
He was violated.
He can’t be India’s Daughter,
Hell he wasn’t even India’s Son,
And while he underwent the same treatment,
Fucks given about him; None,
Instead he was shamed,
Called weak,
How could he let a woman use him like that,
Boys were supposed to be strong,
He was to be a man,
He was to go and live alone,
Sure we’ve come to realize rape is not the victim’s fault,
Yet after all this talk about equality,
We seem to have forgot,
That men can also be victims,
Why is that tomorrow,
When I see the news,
A man who uses a woman,
Is a criminal,
But when a man is used,
The man is weak,
The man is insulted,
Where is the justice,
A man losing his rights,
Should not lose importance,
In hopes for equality for women,
Yes we live in a patriarchal society,
Yes woman need to rise,
But not at the cost,
Of degradation for men,
A man being abused,
Being molested,
Being raped,
Is as serious as a crime,
As any case a woman faces.
I’m a girl,
I believe in feminism,
Yes women have a lot more they deserve from society,
But that means raising us to the same bench mark as men,
Not taking their place,
We aren’t to go from,
Patriarchy to Matriarchy.
We are striving,
For equality.
So stop,
With the bullshit,
That a man can’t be a victim,
Our country is filled with them,
And it seems in all the rush,
To progress,
To move forward,
To become better,
We’ve left them behind to be alone.



13 thoughts on “Equality lies not just with women

  1. Definitely!!! That’s my girl

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  2. And some towards you as well…😄


  3. Just Pseudonym being the perfect writer she is. A brave attempt and as always, a result nothing less than perfectness.

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    1. Omg awww, this is the sweetest thing ever. Thank you so much hun ❤ Much love towards you.

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  4. Woah!!! Amazing!!! What’s amazing is your courage to come up with such post….
    Did I tell you this is one of my fav blog….

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    1. Awww thank you and I guess well it’s been on my mind for a while now and well it is Independence day so why not? u know. Thank you thank you , please share it so we have more people who get this in their head you know? Oh i was so scared I was gonna get a backlash of hate so this means alot

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      1. Yea some food for thought on the independence day….
        Will sure share it…..

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        1. Thank you, that would mean a lot.


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