Song of the week 4

"You can run,you can run
But you know that I know just what you've done
You can run, you can run
But save those words for one on one"

This week’s song is – Waitin for you by Demi Lovato

Listen to it here.

Eh. I’m gonna stop trying to analyse the song cause I don’t know I feel like it’s not really what I do here on my blog. I don’t analyse. Analysis just isn’t me. So we gonna go back to sticking to writing what I feel. So let’s talk about how I feel when I hear this song.

I feel like a strong woman, who has been pushed through hurdles but has gotten up on her feet and is a much better woman for it. I feel like I can do what I want to if I put my mind to it. I feel empowered. This song is something I listen to when I need to get things down, whether it be something as simple as homework or something a bit more problematic such as-




Going outside alone.
Before any of you judge or say anything, yes anxiety, yes it’s kinda stupid. I do not care. To me it is.

The song makes me feel slightly more confident in my abilities to be able to function in what to me is a stressful situation. About to go out with a couple of my friends, you can be sure I’m listening to this song to make myself stand a little taller.It makes me feel empowered and I think that’s a good feeling for a song to give to you. In a world where so many songs are about broken hearts and failed relationships, I’m not saying this isn’t maybe considered one of those too, but at least it’s more on the side of motivational. It makes you feel pumped, it helps remind me that I’ve had my struggles and I conquered them and so I can go through with what I had to do today as well.

The media as per usual spread loads of ish about this song, saying it was a diss track to Miley Cryus or to her childhood bullies and I’m sitting here like so what if it is?

Go her. She’s telling the people who have either belittled her or done her wrong that she isn’t scared to fight them anymore. That maybe once they had the stronger arm, but now she won’t back down either cause she has made her way and made something out of herself and you won’t be able to take that away from her no matter how hard you try.
The entire album “Confident” is so uplifting and inspirational at least in my eyes, it a collection of amazing songs that truly speak to me and my heart.

What do you guys think?

Anyways see ya butter popcorns.


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