Song of the week-3

Hello Slurpeesss.

As most of you know last week I did not put up a song of the week, so this week I will be posting twice. This is the song of the week from last week and this week’s song will come out on Sunday as per the normal schedule. Without further ado.

"So I'll sing a melody,
An hope to God she's listening,
Sleeping softly while I sing,
And I'll be your memories,
Your lullaby for all the times.
Hoping that my voice could get it right"

Last week’s song was- I swear this time I mean it by Mayday Parade

You can go listen to it over here.

Now when I hear this song what I understand is that he has hurt this girl and he is trying to make amends. He is scared that the pain she is feeling could corrupt her and make her into something more malicious and unlike who she is. To avoid this he is willing to do anything, because even though he has hurt her in some way he still loves her and did not want this to happen. The chorus which says “I’ll sing the melody”, could indicate that they both are singing alone. If you happen to know a thing or two about song writing, every song has harmonies along with melodies to really complete the song. So in a way he is saying that he needs her in life to make him complete, without her, he is nothing. He’s just a half of complete puzzle. He’s hoping that as she hears his cry for her, that she will be able to forgive him and that things will become better.The song then transcends into him apologizing to the person , and while you can see him trying to get her to forgive him , he also reminds her that he know’s these might be their last moments together , yet nonetheless he will treasure them. Right at the end of the song he is telling her that she has every right to hurt him, but he is begging her not too. That instead she should forget and just give him a second chance and that this time he will truly honor and love and care for her.

Now this sort of scenario unfortunately does happen, and it happens far more than any of will be willing to admit.Did you know according to a research in 1991, at least 72% of married men have cheated on their  partners and 70% of  married woman have cheated on their partners? It’s often the man who is stereotyped into being the one who cheats on his partner, but look at the difference, just 2% more? This means both men and women are very close to being equally guilty of cheating on their partners. Isn’t that sad. Look all I’m saying is if you really love this person and are just infatuated by them that you went to the extent of legally bounding yourself to them, why would you cheat on them? Just why? I’m not trying to hate on swinger couples or people open relationships , that is completely fine, both people in this relationship have agreed to this, they both have consented to it and even then sometimes the other person maybe does feel bad or doesn’t want it, but at least they knew before hand what they signed into. But if you are lying to you partner and you’ve told them that you are monogamous I truly repent and hate you. Why? Why would you do something like that? And the thing is they show this stuff in movies and they make it seem okay, it is not okay, if you feel yourself having feelings for another person, before you take it any further you must tell your partner. It’s that simple. If you think you are feeling some sort of affection for another person, or that maybe you are sexually attracted to someone else, you need to tell your partner. Because you are claiming to be something you aren’t. It isn’t that hard to do, because come on what are you saving them from? Pain, yes I’m sure they won’t feel that when the find out the wrong way. Cheating on your partner is not something you can hide, because eventually you are going to have a guilty conscience,if you are human. And if you take it to your death bed, wow I salute you for being completely inhuman and defying the vows you made to this person when you married them.

But at the same time I understand forgiveness. Sometimes people make mistakes, but if they confess to them, I think it’s something we should keep in mind. In this day and age we all want to claim we are right, and if someone can put their pride and ego aside and just tell you they made a mistake, it is worth appreciating. If a person truly repents their mistakes, according to all sorts of religious texts even God forgives them, but in truth, that is up to whoever is hurt. Maybe even after you go and beg for their forgiveness, and realize that you got so caught up in something else, that you hurt the person you love in the process. It might not give them any reason to come back to you. Can one be forgiving , yes they can but you after making a mistake, are no one to decide that. That is their decision and if you do love them, you must agree and accept what they want. Maybe some day they will come and ask you why? And you won’t really know what to say but you will try to explain it as best as you can,but I guess I’m the type of person who cares not about why but more about do you really repent your mistake. Will this person actually try to do better? Will they actually fight everyday to ensure that they don’t do this again? To be honest, you can never be sure. You gotta listen to your instincts and make that decision for yourself.


All in all I like this song.It makes my mind wander and try to understand things yet on other days it’s just a sweet apology song written to someone he’s wronged and I appreciate the music and the words and the sentiment. Cause let’s be honest, no matter how much we want to believe that we would do anything for our loved ones happiness, we do want to be a part of it. We do want to be happy too. We want to be in their life , making them happy. And so we will always fight for that happiness before we move on.

Anyways, see ya later puffles.



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