Song of the week -2

"I used to walk with you
Along the avenue
Our hearts were carefree and gay
How could I know I'd lose you
Somewhere along the way?"

This week’s song is- Somewhere along the way by Nat King Cole

I realised last week I did not give you a link but tada this time just click here to go listen to this song.

I think there isn’t much to interpret it this song, it’s very straight forward. It is a song about someone who’s lost their lover and is nostalgic about it. He knows he should move on, but it is difficult for him to do so, because he feels lonely without his lover.

I personally chose this song this week because well I love Nat King Cole and his music is just perfection to me but also because apparently there have been a lot of relationships that seemed so happy  and like #relationshipgoals, but now they simply cease to exist.
I wonder if they stay up feeling nostalgic about their ex lovers, if they are bitter about them or actually truly miss that time in their life where they were so happy and loved for.

Do any of you ever feel nostalgic about you ex lovers? I mean I hardly ever do,but that’s probably cause of how fucked up the endings were. Also do you think we can be friends with people we used to date? I mean I’ve always lived with the concept that if you are still friends with them, either there never really was that love that you have for the “one” between the two of you or that you still love them. Which is pretty messed up, I think.

I don’t really know anything to talk about related to this song, I just really love it and it’s been on my mind for the past couple of days and I’d love for you interwebsies to answer some of the random ass questions I asked above, anywhere.

Anyways. See ya later, Chicken puffs




2 thoughts on “Song of the week -2

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