Departing Amour

It’s hard to keep my mind on things,
When I know today is the day,
The day that things go haywire,
The day I can’t make you stay.

I stretch my arms,
Trying to find you in my bed,
I know you’re long gone,
But I keep denying it in my head

I can’t know you’re gone,
I’m lying to myself,
Never knew what I’d gotten into,
Until the day you left

Stop; it hurts,
Don’t take another step,
I know you have to go,
But could you please just stay instead

I can’t look at you any longer,
I can’t smell you in the air,
Your long gone baby,
And I’m left sitting on the edge

You’re leaving baby,
I’ve just gotta smile,
Tell you to be a strong man,
While I’m slowly dying inside

The doors are slowly closing,
I’m staring for as long as I can,
Cause if I’m not gonna see you for a while,
I need every little glance

And as you turn around to stop looking at me,
I know tears pour down your face,
I wanna run to you and hold you close,
But alas my dear now the doors are closed.


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