Talking with you

"Sure as the world keeps the moon in they sky,
She'll keep me hanging on"

To any of you who have no idea what that quote is from, its from Tom Odell’s song magnetized.

This song. This entire song has got me hypnotized and I listen to it pretty much all day everyday and I assume from all previous experiences that I will soon begin to hate it. But that isn’t the point of the weird rant talk thing today.

Hello internet.

Been some time hasn’t it, that I talked directly to you. Not in the form of a poem or a quote or a rant. Just us, talking. Well more like me just writing and you all reading for your leisure, for an escape, because you know me and want to know how I’m doing. What ever the reason may be, I just want to say HIIII!!

Today I have no real topic in mind. I just want you to know the me that sits behind here and writes all these random ass things. I won’t talk about depressing things and neither will I talk about particularly happy things. I am just here to talk to anyone who is willing to listen.

But first up and this is long overdue. Thank you. Thank you to all and everyone of you that have come to my blog and read anything on it. Thank you for giving me your time, to think that I had something worth saying. To sharing stuff I’ve written on my blog and giving me so many views, you elevate my blog and as much as I write for me, I now also write for you. My wonderful audience, thank  you for being open to the idea that I , some random stranger could be worth your time.

Now some time here you must be wandering what was the point of the lines you mentioned up above, well nothing at all of course. But I have been planing to do something new on this blog and that is Song of the week. I don’t know how much any of you would appreciate me giving you all a song that I think was personally what described my life that week , or a song that really touched me, but I want to do so,simply so someday when I’m older and I’m showing this to my kids, I’d have a whole playlist of sorts to show them.

SO yea yaya. Connections!

Hmm. Other than things about me, how have the rest of you been. I’ve been talking to so many of you on my email and I absolutely would love to get to know more of you. If you didn’t already know, you guys can talk to me through this wonderful email called-

Email me. Talk to me. I love talking to you guys. You are absolutely fabulous and are so supporting and I want to hear all about you too. Your happy moments, what makes you inspired, what you love, what you hate, what makes you sad, your problems. I want us to be friends and if there is anyone you ever need to talk too, email me.

All of you, you read about my life, my up’s and down’s and the things that make my world go round, either directly or indirectly and so I want you to feel free to reach out to me as well. Talk. I promise you I won’t bite.

I don’t know if I can write any longer considering I’m supposed to eat soon, it is dinner time. And if this is where I am ending it, I’d just like to tell you all I hope you are happy and loved and cared for. Please never stop being you. Love yourselves. I’m here for any of you if you ever need it.

Goodbye lovelies.


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