Forever, your anchor.

If times seem rough,
And the roads seem short,
Remember my darling,
That you can carry on,
I fear for you my darling,
I see you waste away,
But when I ask you how you’re doing,
You always say you’re okay.
Darling I’m here,
But I need your help,
I can stay by your side forever,
But if you don’t let me in,
How can I impact you,
Save you from yourself,
Let me put the packet of cigarettes away,
Let me pour all the alcohol down the drains,
Give me your hands darling,
Just allow me to stay.

I know it’s hard to believe that anybody truly cares,
But look at me darling,
I’m right here,
Right here in front of you,
Holding your hands,
Looking into you,
Not past you,
I’m here,
But you choose to look at those that walk away,
I’m here,
But I’m not the one you want to give away to,
Yet I will tell you everyday,
I’m here darling,
I’m here to stay,

Don’t be afraid to fall darling,
Don’t be afraid to trip,
Take one step,
I’ll lead you to the next,
Grab my shoulders,
Let me grab your waist,
Lean on me,
Let me carry you,
Until you can carry yourself,
Just try my darling,
I know you’re scared,
But you’re finally staring into my eyes,
Noticing I’m there,
You might be hesitant at first,
I’ll take that away,
One day my darling,
You will believe in my words,
I will stay.

Look at how far you’ve come darling,
Now you hold my hand,
You kiss my forehead,
You sing songs from your favorite band,
You smile at the beauty,
In the simplest of things,
Life has changed for the better,
And it makes bells rings,
I stand in the court yard,
Awaiting my cue,
The music starts to play,
I enter through,
There you are waiting,
At the end of the aisle,
With twinkles in your eyes,
As I walk in my white dress,
You speak your vows,
As I speak mine,
Together forever,
Till the end of time.



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4 thoughts on “Forever, your anchor.

  1. Wow. I LOVE HOW you have this natural flow with words. I absolutely love it. It’s amazing. I LOVE every part of this.

    Liked by 1 person

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