So there is a guy I know,

And he says he’s made of stone,

But I wish he would let me see,

The man he is,

After these layers deep,

For I know even if he won’t admit,

That he is a boy,

Who’s had to deal with too much shit,

I wish for him happiness,

Just as he wishes for me,

I wish to help him,

Just like he saved me,

He did it unknowingly,

And if I tell him,

He’d say,

I would do that for anyone,

Nothing special,


But that is not the truth my friend,

For in this tragic world,

Only few people tend to save others,

Cause everyone needs to save themselves,

Now forever you have my gratitude,

For I don’t know how I can repay,

A person who helped me understand,

That I need to stay.

You my friend are a good man,

A good boy,

A good human,

I hope that one day,

You will let yourself feel,

Let yourself be overcome by emotions,

Let them all spill,

I may not have said this to you before,

But I tell you now,

I love you my friend,

And I truly care for what you will become.









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