Not just another jealous bitch.

The girl who is “just friends” with you

Once upon a time she was my friend too

I defended her honor

Stood up for her

Yet one day

When I confided to her

Things that were normal for any sane person

She turned against me

Did things everyone told me she would

And then there began the fall of my life,

She was popular

So she had friends

Where as I ,

I didn’t

So her words were taken as truth

Where I was the hated bitch.

So in time,

When more things came down the line

Everyone easily believed the more lies that spread.

Broke me.

Broke myself,


You know the life I have at home,

And now the one escape I had

Turned into hell as well,

My self-worth gone,

My depression,

Back and strong.


If only I could explain,

That today when you call me beautiful

She too is why,

I can’t look you in the eyes,

And say I believe you.

Which is why,

When you are near her,

I’m scared,

Scared that she will take you too,

Because a story teller,

Ah, she makes you believe,

She draws you in,

Never lets you out,

A siren.

I fear,

Fear for our relationship

Yet I could never bring myself to say,

Don’t hang with her babe,

For if you have her as your friend,

Then do I have the right to say?


Don’t do this.

I hate her. That’s that.

Posted here for someone else who can’t say these words.


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7 thoughts on “Not just another jealous bitch.

  1. It’s as expressive as it can get. Beautiful writing! ā¤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much love ā¤

      Liked by 2 people

  2. SomeStrangerYoullNeverKnow 06/03/2016 — 8:26 pm

    Sounds like you’re the jealous bitch here. Don’t hide behind a mask, it can’t hide how insecure you truly are.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh damn. Thank you for coming on this blog as an anonymous person and then proceeding to act like you know something about my life. Like really, people like you make my day. Thank you. Thank you so much.

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    2. This is a page where you express yourself and all she has done is express her feelings and she’s right altogether, there are bitches around and they hurt everyone involved with their lives. So keep your anonymity and words to yourself.

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    3. If you really think that you’re right then you should stand up for your opinion. Not bad ashamed of the fact that YOU think she’s the jealous one. You shouldn’t hide behind a mask of ‘SomeStrangerYoullNeverKnow’ and diss other people. If that really is your opinion then I wonder why you’re wearing a mask? You don’t know the answer? I do. You’re hiding because you know what you think and what you’re doing is wrong. But you don’t want to feel this way and thus, you point a finger at someone else. Always remember, what you think of others redirects more of you than them. Have an enlightening day! šŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha. Ahh when someone’s diss goes horribly wrong. Thank u baby girl.

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