Abrasion of the soul

Little smiles,

Smiles with a laugh,

Laugh so loud,

Loud as the voice in her head,

The voice speaks,

Speaks things that hurt,

A painful sting,

Like salt on a wound,

But the wounds she held,

Held inside her soul as well as her physical self,

And while she fixed her outer appearance,

The appearance she could see in the mirror,

Was not who she wanted to be,

She wanted to be her broken soul,

The soul that wailed for help,

Yet another screamed as well,

And how fortunate it be that it was her other half,

Her other half was broken,

Broken like she,

And while she did what she could to fix him,

She could never succeed,

For a broken soul helping the broken,

Is like the blind leading the blind,

Neither going anywhere,

Just wasting time.

And now she sits on her computer screen,

Wondering why this poem about her,

Turned to him in the end,

But alas, darling,

What you must understand,

In a battle between the mind and heart,

The heart always wins.




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