An Unexpected Message.


I just wanted to write you this email to let you know that you are not in this battle that you seem to be facing alone. I don’t know you personally but I feel and empathize with your pain,  I know you probably don’t want me too, but I do. I understand your situation and I want to let you know that my ears will always be willing to hear you rant about a shitty day and my eyes willing to read long emails or blog posts in which you talk about your sorrows no matter how ordinary and simple they may seem to the average person.

You are different but that doesn’t mean you aren’t loved or appreciated or any less deserving for anything in life than the rest of us human beings on this planet. It just means you are your own self, dealt with your own problems ,handled your own situations, had your own crazy life experiences and have become you. I know I don’t know you but I’m sure the people who do and who love you and care for you, would wish that you were no one different.

Dealing with depression and anxiety can’t be easy. I won’t even try to explain how much I understand about this issue because I truly cannot understand or give my own views on something that is very specific to each individual. I just hope that the people around you fill you with positive vibes and provide you with the strength to carry on, on days where everything seems dark.

Its nice to know that even though you are under such difficult situations and conditions in life that you haven’t given up hope and have still continued on making an effort to live. To know that you do have a special someone in your life, that makes you happy and makes an effort to keep you that way, makes me smile as well. The way you talk about him from the posts I’ve read before you deleted them ( I hope everything is ok between you two) makes me envious of your relationship and I can only hope that one day I will find someone who will write about me the way you write about him and love me the way you both love each other.

Please never stop believing in a better future for yourself because I promise you that God loves all of us equally and if he’s making you suffer so much right now, he will make your future much more brighter, as you deserve, for being so strong and over coming the hurdles he has thrown at you.

I have no shame in saying that you are a better person than me. You are a good human being and anyone who see’s otherwise has failed to understand you properly. To be dealing with so much in your own life, yet making yourself open to hear and help with other people’s problems. I’m proud. I’ve been following your blog since it’s start and to see your growth, I am immensely proud.

Never stop being you.

With Much Love.

– A person who cares

Thank you. I can’t thank you enough for this email. It made my day. It made me feel happy. I wish one day we can talk face to face but alas we have both chosen to stay anonymous for various reasons.

I know I’ve replied to you via email but this is one of the most positive emails I’ve received on my email that I’ve given to for people to reach out too. I just had to put you up here and hopefully you will read this and understand just how big of a deal this is for me.

I have no words except thank you. Thank you for making my day a little more sunshiny.

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