The words left unsaid.

Hey darling,

Don’t you frown,

What happened has happened,

Don’t wear the sad crown,

Don’t let your tears go to waste,

Because he left you for someone with a smaller waist,

No darling,

You are beautiful,

Don’t make new scars,

To replace the old ones that fade away,

He didn’t love you,

But it’s okay,

Maybe your love story,

Will be happier someday,

Listen to me darling,

Smile always,

You are a person,

That cannot be replaced,

Don’t think so low of yourself,

I promise you have something that no one else has,

Can’t you see it darling,

You are all your hopes and dreams,

You are your tiny smiles and giggles,

The secrets that you keep,

But just as well,

You are your tears that come from this madness,

But don’t kill yourself,

For a boy who’s just getting started,

Oh darling,

Love is a trial and error method,

For we all go in thinking,

That this is love,

That this is what we wanted,

Yet when it ends,

We all see the truth,

Give your heart time,

You will see too,

He wasn’t right for you.

How I wish I could call you mine, darling,

For I wish to make you see,

That love does exist,

That it’s not you who’s not worth him,

He couldn’t understand how to take care of an angel,

That God gave to him,

I will hold you in my heart,

Never let you go,

Never let you get in the hands of a foe,

Take hold of my hand darling,

You are scared to love to deep,

But just let your heart pour a little bit out of the seams,

“For if equal affection cannot be,

Let the more loving one be me.”

Let me shower you with the love I have for you, darling,

While you heal,

And truly become free.

-the words he couldn’t say when you were next to me

Credits to the beautiful poem”The more loving one “, W.H.Auden.

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