Breaking point

I kept bending,

Bending over my back,

Just to see how far I could stretch,

Before the eventual snap.

I kept leaping,

From one thing to the next,

Just to see how far was this distance,

That would cause my eventual death,

I kept playing,

Playing with the emotions of the humans I met,

Just to see how far I could go,

Till I broke my own soul instead.

I kept ignoring,

Ignoring what people said,

Just to see how far I could grow,

Until I became depressed.

I kept sleeping,

All day and all night,

Just to see how much I could sleep,

Before life would flash before my eyes.

I kept listening,

Listening to you speak about your problems,

Just to see how long I could,

Before my ears began to bleed.

I don’t know why I do these things.

I don’t know when to stop.

I don’t know why even though I know it hurts,

I stand by your side.

Every time you come to me,

Leaving me broken once you were done,

For you let me think I was important,

When importance; I had none,

Not in your life for sure,

For I was the lonely one.



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