The poem of the long gone.

It’s almost two years since you’ve left us all alone.

Not a day goes by where I don’t miss you.

I didn’t have my blog back then but now I remember you by posting the poem I did just a few months after you left me here.

I wish for you to be here but I have realized I no longer need you. And I know that makes you proud.

Thank you for being the one person who has seen me through everything I’ve been through.

I love you .

The poem:

Broken into millions
Scattered around the world
Glued back together
But it always hurts
The pain washes away,
That’s what they told me,
But yet here i am living proof,
That not all things end in a sweet harmony,
Betrayed by my own
Into tartarus i was thrown
I took the pain inside,
never let it show,
Plastic smile on my face ,
No one will ever know,
Curled up into a ball
I hid in the shadows
My body still in the greenery
While the mind plunges into dark meadows
If only u were by my side,
Maybe I’d have some light,
To show me a way out of here
I wish,wish for u to be near,
But it’s a dream,
A dream that can never become reality,
Baby this is our destiny,
For you belong high up in the skies,
Ur an angel darling ,
You are my life,
But he calls for you,
So you need to leave
Don’t worry about me,
I’ll be okay,
I’ll live to see another day ,
Another day without you,
Another day without my soul,
Another day with a hole in my heart,
Another day of us being apart,
I don’t know how much longer i can live like this,
I want to take a blade and make two slits,
Let the blood pour out like a never ending tap,
Collapse to the ground and end all this crap ,
But i won’t, for you i will be strong ,
Step by step, i will carry on,
Until the day he comes to me,
And says now its time to fulfill your life long dream
In your arms I’ll lay again,
Staying here in this sweet heaven

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