Why we can’t be.

If right now I said that me and you couldn’t be.

Would you try to see,

All the pain you’ve caused me,

Or would you leave me to blame,

And act like the victim,

In this love game,

It’s not like I wanted to leave,

But sometimes I have to think about me,

Yet still as I tell you that’s it over,

I say I’m sorry,

Your eyes began to dilate,

You look at the ground,

Little raindrops hit the ground,

Not just from your eyes but mine as well,

Because no matter what happened,

I loved you and maybe I always will,

The end is the end,

Nothing we can do to save ourselves,

I say we are too different,

Your hands clench,

You face shoots up straight,

Your eyes filled with red anger,

That I know all to well,

Without another thought,

Your hand slaps me,

And you leave,

This is why,

My love,

We weren’t meant to be.

P.s – I am not in an abusive relationship , this is not about me in any manner whatsoever.

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