A poem. A message.

Please read the whole thing.

It wasn’t just another day,

Well at least not for me,

I’d just lost my boyfriend,

Yes I know it’s rather silly,

I’m beating myself over the things I could have possibly done,

To make him stay,

To convince him I was the one,

Watching sappy movies,

Eating a bucket of ice cream,

I haven’t been so unhappy,
Since I was 16,

It’s when I first him,

Good looks with charms,

Charms that could befuddle any woman ,

To falling in his arms,

His oh so dazzling smile,

His celebrity like her hair,

He had me swooning,

Since the day we first met,

Asked me out to dinner,

I couldn’t not say yes,

Went home and wore my favorite dress,

Told mother I would be out late,

She sighed and said okay,

He wore a suit,
Looking classy as hell,

Held out his hand,

And opened my door ,

I remember thinking maybe this is amore,

His car was slightly dusty,

But I didn’t mind,

He was perfect to me,

Well at least at the time,

Few months later we started dating,

The flaws came pouring out,

He hit me every now and then,

Then dragged me out,

In the corner alleyway,

Where he raped me until he was content,

And now here I am crying over this man,

Love isn’t blind,

It just makes you ignore,

Things that you would have otherwise known to be wrong,

I let him abuse me for a year or two,

Let him treat me like some dirt bag scum,

For those happy days where you would be you,

The one I fell in love with,

The one I let kiss me until the sun came up,

The one I gave my everything too,

But alas,

I’m so dumb,

One day you came home,

You said that you were done,

Apparently I’m not who I was,

What the actual fuck ,love,

Yet for some reason,

I could feel my heart break,

I wanted to plead and beg,

Ask you to let me stay,

But you carried me up,

Threw me out your door,

Now I feel like I am no more,

Back to the beginning this is where we are,

Me crying,

Watching sappy movies,

Waiting for my friend to come,

I hear a knock on the door,

I can’t raise myself,

I’ve degraded and become some low life bitch,

For who?

You, my love,

And for what,

To get raped each day,

Be a punching bag for when you are dismayed,

To make love to you when you had a good day,

To kiss when everything was going your way,

So I sit here,

Contemplating what my life has become,

The knocking get louder,

She screams my name and calls for someone,

I pick a knife out of the kitchen,

There isn’t much time left,

Until the break down my door,

Taking this opportunity out of my hand,

With two swift cuts,

The deal is done,

Red liquid gushing out my wrists,

The television becomes fuzzy in front of my eyes,

I feel myself fall,

My head hits something,

I lay limp on the floor,

A loud thud is what I hear,

My friend looks at my face,

I see tears,

I try to form words,

But I no longer can,

After everything you put me through,

Here I am,

Lying in the morgue of the hospital,

Maybe I’ll meet you in hell.

Hello, internet I don’t know who is reading this but I know to any sane
person this poem must seem so ridiculous. Why would someone let a person do
that to them? Why would someone not go to the police? How could someone
possibly love a person who treats them like this? To this day, I don’t know
either, but what I do know is that this happens. I’ve heard about stories
like this as a third person to the whole situation and I have known people
who have been so blindly in love with a person who abuses them, and they stay
sometimes for a very long time with their abuser for the “happy” days. Somehow
, in their mind it becomes okay, they think this is how relationships are
meant to be, they somehow justify it to themselves that it’s okay if the
person I’m with abuses me at least we have good days too. NO. It is not
okay. It is far from ok if someone has sex with you without your consent
that is rape, no matter who that person may be. If someone abuses
physically, emotionally, mentally, because they need to take out their
anger and frustration, it is still abuse. People in relationships like
these hold so tightly to the images they have of their loved ones that they
somehow push back every other bad thing they do to them, and most often
once they are relieved of these situations, this is what happens, they
suicide. It’s not right. They did nothing wrong except for stay, stay with
such a horrible and crude person who needs help. Yet most often the victim
dies and the perpetrator isn’t caught because either the victim feels so
shameful that they die before giving us a name or they never want to talk
about it because they realize how stupid they were or they feel so
distraught without this person, this abuser, that they take their life or
keep to themselves and it’s wrong.

There are days like today when I hear yet again another story about
someone doing something like this and I feel compelled to write because I
feel like I need to get this message out there. I feel the need to do
something about it but I’m still a kid who can barely help herself and so I
write, I write and hope that you, whoever is reading this will help a person
you know who may be going through something like this. That you will tell
other about incidents and situations like this and will want to spread this
message to more people, so that at least we can save more people in this
world who simply did not deserve the life they had or to give them some
belief that they can escape it and change their life and become new people.

I hope you don’t fall into a trap like this yourself.

Goodbye internet and try to help.

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5 thoughts on “A poem. A message.

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  3. Such beautiful words yet painfull.
    can i contact you anywhere.?

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    1. Omg for sure, you can talk to me here imnotsureaboutthis4@gmail.com
      thank u for ur words ❤


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