Words for wise

Hello internet,

So I was reading this fanfic because I have nothing else to do in life and it was a series of letter that this girl wrote and kept in a random library book and at the end of each of her letter she wrote something called her words for wise and I found them so inspirational and they just make you think and I thought I want to try this out, so here goes nothing…

When the sun sets down for the moon and the stars to take over,
It’s not doing it for them,
It’s not showcasing it profound love for the moon,
It’s doing this for itself,
It wants to rest after giving warmth to the creatures that walk on earth,
It wants to rest after giving plants the energy to make their food,
It wants to rest after everything it’s been through for the early 12 hours,
In the same way not everything in life must be done for someone else,
Be it the one you love,
Or the one who took care of you all these years,
Sometimes it’s perfectly fine to do something for yourself,
And you need not regret,
Others in the world,
Will see you as an inspiration,
Too many people these days settle down for those we love,
Sometimes you have to be the one to do something you want to do,
Take action,
Let yourself rest.
You need to do what you want to do or do what your heart says.


4 thoughts on “Words for wise

  1. Omg. Finally something I wanted you to know and wanted you to follow. And today you are here, telling everyone else to do this. This by far is the most important thing to practice in life and accepting and following this is a whole new level of achievement. Firstly, kudos to that!
    Now my critical review on your writing; The description; your sun and your moon was amazing. It made me think a lot, and trust me, that’s the biggest achievement for a writer.
    All-in-all I love this.

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    1. I love you and thank you soooo much

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      1. Love you more totes. :*


        1. shh i love you more bas theek hai

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