It’s you,

No one else,

You are why,

When the sun shines in the morning,

I get out of my bed,

You are why,

When the moon stares at me,

At 5 in the night,

I don’t look to the blade,

It’s you.

It’s you,

No one else,

You are why,

When right now I can’t stay awake for myself,

I stay for you,

For the love you have for me,

The belief you have in me,

For that calm you bring to my heart,

Even in the darkest times,

Just knowing you are there,

It’s that tiny ray of moonlight,

That enters my otherwise dark room in the night,

You give me that sense of tranquility,

In this chaotic void I’m in,

Every word you say,

Every action you do to show me you care,

Pulls me out little by little,

But like the earth,

The void shakes and shakes constantly,

And some days,

There is an earthquake,

Crumbling everything inside,

Including me,

I come crashing down,

And I feel a way,

That words can’t explain yet,

But I’m trying,

Yet there is a voice in my head,

Whispering things from my nightmares,

Telling me to give up,

Because a person can stay for the other,

For only so long,

It tells me how this way,

Maybe you can live,

Instead of worrying about me,

They sound so true,

What if I don’t come through,

But I’m still trying,

I just,

I don’t know what to do anymore,

My mind’s conflicted,

This voice keeps talking,

Yet I want to hold on to this belief,

That you will always be there,

Because it is you,

No one else,

When I’m falling down this cliff,

I hope for your hand to catch mine,

Pulling me up,

Yet sometimes I feel horrible,

Am I being selfish,


Just maybe,

If I let go,

You will be able to live,

A life I know you deserve to have.

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