Random stuff

When I miss you more than anything else I miss the memories you’ve left me with,

For even though I have them, I cannot relive them,

And each time I think of them,

I wonder how our flame became so dim,

So the next time I say I miss you,

It isn’t so necessarily you I miss,

Its the longing of having someone,

Holding me just as once you did.


You told me to close my eyes and wait,

You told me to just welcome your every touch,

And I did,

You told me to trust you,

And so I waited and trusted you,

Yet all you did was stand up and laugh,

I didn’t open my eyes for I feared what was coming,

I heard other voices whispering,

Giggles escaping their mouth,

I couldn’t take it anymore,

I stood up and ran out of the door,

Tumbling,falling,crashing into people,

But I didn’t open my eyes,

Now not because you had asked me too,

But because I didn’t want to see the face of someone so vile,



It’s not that easy,

Taking a breath,

Calming down,

Falling asleep,

It’s not easy,

For your name makes my heart stop,

It takes me to cloud nine,

It keep me awake,

Wishing on diamonds in the sky,

It’s not easy,

Knowing that you don’t reciprocate,

It’s not easy knowing I don’t make you feel the same,

As I do when I hear your name,

So there are days when I don’t want to try,

Try taking a breath,

Try calming myself down,

Try falling asleep,

Because it is so much more easier to give up,

And just lose.


If tomorrow I see you,

And said hey,

Would you reply,

Or would you walk away,

Would you not even give me the benefit of existence,

Was my mistake so grave,

I know I shouldn’t have,

But my life needed change,

I’m sorry for once I put myself ahead of you,

At least you have someone now to blame,

For something you destroyed,

Since the day you achieved fame.


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