Just one look

A single look had changed her whole day,

Her stomach had butterflies, no a whole zoo walking around,

Blood rose to her cheeks,

A smile across her lips,

Her hands raising to push the hair falling on her face back,

A slight giggle escaped from her mouth,

As all he did was stare,

Her eyes looked up to see his gaze,

Burning with an emotion she couldn’t quite understand,

It made her nervous,

It frightened her at how his gaze seemed to be filled with lust and passion,

Yet at the same time it held a certain calmness to it,

His hair was a complete mess and how she wished to play with it,

Her eyes lingered to his mouth ,

Where his lips were in a big smile,

Parted slightly to show his two chipmunk teeth,

She looked away ,embarrassed that he knew he had this effect on her,

His eyes still locked on her,

And every action she made,

She got up to walk out as she could stand the tension no longer,

He did nothing but stare as she walked out of his sight,

His eyes still filled with that dreamy look,

His lips still in a big smile,

Ugh she thought as she walked out the door,

Squealing with excitement inside,

Why did he do this to her,

All day and night,

Just a single look and she was done for the day,

Only if she knew that he reacted to her stares in the exact same way..

^.^ I felt weirdly happy writing this.

Hello internet god hasn’t it been long all this studying and depressing thought have give me no time to be happy and be free ahhh i feel slightly relaxed now…

Anyways internet I’m afraid I dont know when i will write next but until then good bye internet and A bientot hehe francais and merci to everyone who has taken the time to read mon blog



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