She just wanted to breathe,

Just one breath,

She wanted to cry,

Just one tear to fall,

She wanted to see,

Just a tiny ray of light,

She wanted to believe,

Just one tiny belief,

She wanted to feel,

Just a tiny bit of happiness or sadness,

She wanted to move on,

Just one step,

But she couldn’t,

No matter how much she tried,

She couldn’t breathe,

She couldn’t cry,

She couldn’t see,

She couldn’t believe,

She couldn’t feel,

She couldn’t move on,

So she did what she could,

She drew, drew two perfect lines across her wrists,

Let the red paint surround her,

She drew and drew and drew,

And while she drew,

She felt,

She cried,

She could see,

She could believe,

She could move on,

She could finally breathe,

And with the last line she drew,

She collapsed tired from all the drawing,

The next morning,

When light shone though the blinds,

Her parents walked in with big smiles,

But it all turned to gloom,

When they saw what she had done,

Red paint everywhere,

And a daughter,

They no longer had one.

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