It just needed to be said.

Hello internet.

Today I am addressing a really important topic,Rape. From once I knew what this was till the day I die, I will believe this is a vile and disgusting action. Why? Why would anyone do something like this? What is going on their mind? Do they think they are gonna die alone , well if they do actions like this what makes them think they are going to get any action know. I’ve seen just too many stories about people getting raped on the news everyday and what astonishes me is that now in this century when women,men,boys and girls who get raped tell others about it and get people who raped them caught and yet the rates of rape are still high. Does this mean when people were too afraid to talk about there were more rapes occurring then now?? What does that say about the human race? Have we lost all sense of mortality!!!

What do you get from torturing a person like this,scaring them for life. For even if you kill the person who raped you, it still happened,it will still haunt you everyday for the rest of your life, you will live in extreme caution and paranoia but why ,you did nothing wrong, it was that person who did something to you yet those raped are the ones who have worse consequence. Wasn’t it once said that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, yet for rape there is no equal reaction for there is nothing that can be done to justify or bring justice to that who is raped. In several countries those who rape people are not even given a death penalty!! What kind of world do we live in???

I don’t know about other countries but here in India, I have seen several cases where the family cuts off their daughter or son because they were raped, as if they have made some mistake. People who get raped have been abused or talked and gossiped about and this makes it really difficult for them to settle back into society and forget about what has happened to them. Society just does not understand that they have been scarred for life for absolutely no reason, they were just enjoying the freedom and life we have been given until some person decided that his/her right of freedom allowed them to violate this person. People who say they will not marry a person who has been raped has a very wrong mindset. HOW DOES THEM GETTING RAPED AFFECT THEIR MARRIED LIFE WITH YOUR KID OR WITH YOU!!!!!!!

I understand that it will be difficult getting past it and maybe you wont be able to touch your spouse because a single touch brings them back to that moment, but they also need someone who will be by them and show them that they can trust in people and that they are capable of love. What will you do if your wife/husband gets raped? Are u gonna get a divorce? What about the girlfriend you’ve been dating for years now, if she gets raped are you gonna leave her? If your answer to those questions was yes, then you are one of them and personally I think you can go hang yourself along with those who think doing rape is good. But that is just my personal opinion and you as an individual entity are allowed to have your own, but if we are talk about this I will find you repulsive and won’t be able to talk to you again.

Now in this century people tell their daughters to wear appropriate clothes, because we might get raped, but this is a very wrong statement for a woman could be on a road naked and even then no one has the right to rape her. A common excuse given by people who rape is that, “her clothes provoked me”, WHAT DO U MEAN HER CLOTHES PROVOKED YOU!!! You are not an animal my friend that during mating season the first opposite sex you see that attracts your action you have sex with , that to forcefully. If her clothes provoked you at most you have the right to talk to her and try to get her number, not rape her. Parents please educate your kids that it is not right to rape no matter what, stop telling your girls to wear “appropriate clothes” and teach your sons that it is not right to rape.I get it for now to keep your daughters safe ,you need to tell your daughters to take precautions and they will listen to your precautions unless they are stupid. But in the long run you must understand that it is the mind set of such people who believe that rape is OK that needs to be changed.


Rape is not okay. Rape is not something people should get away with. Rape should have a death penalty. Rape should not even be occurring in the first place. As a person who believes that we need to do something to stop rape , im writing this blog to spread awareness that this does happen and it needs to stop. Some people just do not understand how scarring rape can be and some people are not that informed and we all as people who are educated individuals should help stop this and make your country a Sexual Harassment free country.

Good bye Internet.


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