A fairytale.

Hello internet , please excuse this humble attempt at writing a weird fairytale.

A feeling well hidden beneath the hard rock shell,

Stuffed behind all that anger he withheld,

Never was it to be surfaced,

But what  if something changed,

For that could be the only reason,

That after all the years his behavior had become so strange,

He would seem lost in the midst of the day,

Sleep would escape him through the night,

He would smile at the most random of moments,

And his eyes shined bright,

“ah” said his mother,”my little boy is in love”

Was it love? he wondered all day and night,

Is it when the thought of her never leaves my mind,

Is it when her sadness feels like it is my own,

Is it why sometimes I play music or dance alone,

To songs of merry and songs of romance,

Is it like being in some sort of trance?

Is it wishing that her hand was always in mine,

Is it  what has been making me so kind,

His mother did nothing but smile,

It was nice seeing her kid not being so evil and vile

She called for the dame to their castle,

But all that returned was a parcel,

The dame had moved far far away,

Yet the prince’s love could not be swayed,

He jumped upon his trusted steed,

And sought after his new to be queen,

He reached to a land known as LA,

Where his true love waited him night and day,

He went up to her and asked for her hand,

Yet she replied with a who the f*** are u man,

The prince was heartbroken,

She could not be his queen,

This was not who she had been,

He looked for her in the castles that reached the sky,

And in the corners where the darkest secrets lie,

Yet she was no where to be found,

So the prince turned around,

To go back to his home,

When out of a sudden there was foam,

Out of the foam was a beautiful maiden,

He approached her and was dazed,

Her white satin like hair reached her hips,

Her face was a bliss,

She called out to him and said,

I’m sorry for taking you on a wild goose chase,

He ran for her and gave her the tightest of hugs,

Whispering in her ears “For you I would look forever love”,

Their lips met and he felt like he had found his way to heaven,

From that day he never showed aggression,

I guess every person has love,

Love that changes them for the better,

Evil or not evil, good or not good,

Everyone has a missing half roaming across the world.

good bye internet and ya this was weird hehe ^.^


2 thoughts on “A fairytale.

  1. This is not a fairytale, it’s real. It’s just lovely; subtle pokes at difficult feelings to express.


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