The words of a little girl

They say the question is to be or not to be,

But I honestly Believe we know what we want to chose,

Yet we are scared to pursue it,

It’s actually really stupid,

If we know what our dream is why shouldn’t we put our everything in fulfilling it,

Why are we asked to stop dreaming as we grow up,

Yet those we admire or want to be,

Are people who believed in their dreams,

Society has been filled with too many rules,

And personally I think they were made to be broken,

Look I don’t know If reincarnation exists,

But at the end of the road this is the life we will remember,

So why not be crazy and have fun,

And stupid memories,  it’s OK to have some,

Let our dreams and fantasies,

Have a chance at becoming reality.

But then again it’s just words from a lil  girl….


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