Is it just me???

Ok so sometimes i just keep wondering about a million things at the same time, its like alot of emotions clubbed together and i dont noe where to go , what is the first step to move on, Im lost in this world and i zone out to my own world almost all the time!! the world seems like such a scary place and i want to sit in the corner of my room , just staring at the blank walls lettin me imagination go wild tryin to decipher all the cracks and lines i see. i want to be able to talk freely and be heard but not analysed ,but at the same time im to scared to let people see the real me.


my life at first glance seems perfect and people wonder what could be wrong with me?? if only they knew, can i trust people? can i hope that one day people will understand my pain and what i want?? maybe the wont and never will but here’s to hoping that maybe one day people will understand me and the secrets i hide each day

ya well thats all for today good bye internet


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