Hi internet

okkk so i have no clue why im doing this but i guess i just want to be able to put this out somewhere. i dont know if anyone will read this and i dont know if anyone will care but ya this is my blog and i guess i made it to escape the hell i live in the real world. In a way internet has always been my  salvation from when i was first depressed to now , looking at me i dont think you would ever guess i was depressed but ya i am and maybe i will always will be

uh if ur still reading this either you are really bored or you are someone who cares about me and wants to know whats goin on my head either way i hope you get what youre looking for soo..

hmmm i guess this is where i shall rant and express myself yaa…

im really awkward bout these things but since i dont noe anyone reading this its all cool i guess anyways till next time


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